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I still haven’t written about my trip to Brighton, and I really should’ve because it was such a weird experience. Don’t get me wrong the trip itself was really fun and it was nice to do something together with my friends that I haven’t seen since summer, but the whole of that day felt – like a dream, or a very strange deja vu.

The last time I went to Brighton I was maybe 7 or 6. I was just a tiny me, running around the pebbles, holding my parents’ hands while they pretended to throw me in the air. I still have memories from that day.

So when I went to Brighton, yet again (for the second time in my life), and I found the sea side… everything felt so weird, in slow motion nearly. It felt like I just walked into a dream or a parallel universe, and it was so beautiful.

Here are some photos from that day.


Travel Tips:

If you’re planning to visit Brighton, visit it for one day (two max.) as Brighton is small despite the big hype around it. Before going to the beach, first walk around the narrow alleyways, or what they call laines. They are road packed with unique, vintage, thift stores as well as main stream, big branded shops and take away restaurants. The laines (and generally a lot of streets in Brighton) are decorated by the local artists with street art and graffiti. Once you get to the sea front, take a lot of photos and while you’re there check out the local fish and chips restaurant if you’re hungry. Last thing – go to the beach huts if you want some cute photos! It’s definitely worth it.


  1. Your photography is just incredible! Brighton has been on my list of places to visit in the UK for so long now and I really can’t wait to go when the weather gets a little warmer! Like you, I also went there when I was little with my family so I barely remember it haha. I’m so in love with your photo of the bike on the pier ☺️ Your vlog from the day is really great as well! xx


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