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Finding your own personal style as an artist is an individual journey one must go on to be successful, to be recognisable, at least that’s what someone told me. And I agree. Once a person finds their own style, consciously or not, it adds something to their art work. I think every artist needs to go on that journey, whether you’re a painter, singer, photographer or dancer, everyone needs to add a bit of their own personality into their art.

It took me a long time to find my style, I only used to shoot landscapes when I was teaching myself the basics of photography and I had no clue how I was meant to incorporate any of my personality into landscapes and I remember getting really frustrated with myself as well as worried that I will never find it. However then I started spending a lot of my time researching different photographers, seeing what I like what I dislike and trying to mix that with my own photos.

I’ve included some of my favourite photographers that radiate a certain beautiful style and a sense of individuality in their work, that I look up to:

Saul Leiter

I first came across Saul Leiter’s work when I had to do a response to his work for my photography class, and I absolutely fell in love with his subtle but vibrant colour pallet that was looked down on during the 1940s because that was the black and white era, and every other photographer was taking black and white photos.

Neil Krug

If you don’t know, I adoooore Lana Del Rey, and I came across some photographs of her that I fell in love with. They reflected Lana’s style so perfectly and I decided to research the photographer – Neil Krug. His work is… magical. Every photograph completely different from others, yet all look like they belong together. I really love how there’s some vintage style to his work.

Chloe Sheppard

I’ve only recently came across Chloe Sheppard’s work (while scrolling on tumblr) and her work caught my eye because it’s just so beautiful! All of the colours are so gentle. She shoots all of her photos on film so all of them, again, have that cool vintage effect to them, which I love.

Louis Dazy

Last but not least, is Louis Dazy, a photographer I also came across online while I was trying to find inspiration for a development I had to do for my photography class. Her work is so beautiful and unique because she combines normal portraiture with double exposure using a very different and modern approach. I also love her colour pallet too.

I think I might write more posts like this in the future because I have so many more photographers that I want to talk about. But I hope you enjoyed this post!

Let me know if you know any of these photographers, whether you like their work or not and what you think about the importance of having your own style in art.


  1. Photography is something I’ve wanted to get into properly for a while and this is just another lovely inspiration to encourage me to pursue it! From looking at your other posts, I can totally see how you’ve been inspired by these photographers, and you definitely have your own style! I loveeeee the double exposure on photos – it just looks so pretty and adds a whole new dimension to an image! xx


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