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I’m upset angry! I’m so angry that this was a protest I had to attend in 2017. I’m angry that a sexism, racism and discrimination are still a thing that exists. Yet I’m so happy that I went to the Women’s March on London Protest, it was the most empowering experience in my life so far. It was my first protest that I attended and I was overwhelmed with emotion, as for the first time in my life I didn’t feel completely powerless. An estimate of 100,000 activists came out to march together today – and that’s just in London, similar protests took place in other major cities like New York and Paris. Today taught me that yes, it will be hard to change the world by yourself, but if everyone comes together it is definitely not impossible.

I am so glad that so many people see the problem and are willing to fight against it, that they don’t just sit back and feel hopeless. During the protest, I was surrounded by people of all ages, genders, races, it felt like an ultimate unity of humanity and it gave me hope that for everything wrong with the world, there is so much good hidden behind it. During times like these it is important that we choose love over hate, that we try to understand and work with the people you disagree with, no matter how hard it may be.




  1. bubblybrooke13 says

    Very powerful pictures😊,you’re lucky you’re in London,the U.S. is is ruled by Trump now !☹️


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