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– excuse the amount of times I will say the word “love” in this post
but I really did loooove this film- 

Since watching ‘La La Land’, I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack, thinking about it and re-watching it! I was so consumed and overwhelmed while watching the film, and even after the ending, my friend and I continued to sit in the cinema until the credits finished, not accepting the fact that it ended. I was in awe while watching the film and at several moments throughout, I caught myself sitting at the edge of my seat with my heart pounding really fast. Definitely 5 stars from moi!

I knew I was going to love the film from the first scene, but it radiated amazing energy from the very first song. One of the many reasons why I loved this movie so much was because of the way that two completely different eras merged into one; the story was set in our modern time but had a lot of parts to it that were clearly inspired by 1940s/50s. This fresh idea definitely made this film unique. The vintage aspect of it could be seen in the cars, fashion and of course… the music.



All the words I would use to describe ‘La La Land’.

The film was made up of four elements that made it a masterpiece; LA, music, love and dreams. It definitely spoke to me, as the film covered the topic of struggling artists, it accurately reflected how dedicated and hard working you have to be to become successful in the artist world. We see both characters, Sebastian and Mia, struggling and even giving up for a bit during their journey, but we also see them getting back up and not settling. This aspect of the film is so inspiring to me, and really reminded me of my own personal dreams.

We see the themes of love and dreams intertwine, when both characters motivate each other and help the other become the best version of themselves. For example when Mia thinks of a better name and design for Sebastian’s club and when he persuades her to go back to LA and do the audition even after she felt hopeless. I just love this aspect of the film, to see two people affect each other so positively is refreshing from what we usually see in romantic films.


Let’s talk about  the micro elements of this film for a bit. First of all, the music. Every single note, every melody and every song took my breathe away as every hair on my body stood up. The tunes in this film were so delicate, especially my favourite one – City of Stars. If music could resemble colours, the City of Stars would definitely be associated with subtle pastels. This can be seen in the cinematography, Chazelle has captured the emotion between the two characters perfectly and reflected in the colour palettes he used in his shots. Interestingly, he had two juxtaposing styles; in some scenes he stuck to pastels, whereas in other scenes he included as much bright, bold colours as possible.

 My other favourite song from the film is – Fools Who Dream. I will not even begin to even try to explain how much this song touched my heart. But there is someone who talked about this song in great detail, I want to leave you with a link to a podcast about how this song was made – there is more detail to this song than you’d think.

Please let me know what you thought of the film in the comments. Let’s discuss it! I could talk about it for so long!!


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