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(I wrote this piece for The Restless Times, you can check it out in the first issue that came out as a pdf, here.) + photos in this post do not belong to me.


The two sided album, which was released in 1973, explores sounds from other dimensions, it makes you feel like a boring everyday bus journey is in fact a road trip through the universe. From the first few minutes into the album, listeners can already feel the hairs on their arms rising and their hearts beating faster. The melodies are filled with mixtures of sounds which make the moment timeless.

Most songs by Pink Floyd have a similar formula to them; they start off very calm, build up with some guitar solos and lyrics, and then return to calm again. This default procedure is a recipe for beautifully inspiring songs. I think this album is a collection of so much emotion and imagination cues that the only way to listen to it is alone in your room with your eyes closed, to fully internalise and appreciate its allure. (People from older generations probably would beg to differ because they had the chance of seeing Pink Floyd live, which would be a completely out of space experience.)

Once a listener actually stops and takes in the lyrics of songs like “Time” and “Money” (using these examples as they are the most popular), they will learn that they sang about the struggles of life, and I find some lyrics are so strong, here are some quotes that really stood out to me from their songs:

  • “And then one day you find ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.”
  • “There is no dark side of the Moon. It’s all dark, really.”
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