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I really enjoyed writing the review of Costello’s and Pink Floyd’s album last time, so I thought I could continue it but this time find a CURRENT album, to “relate to the teens”. Knowing me, and my random and messy, music taste I will probably post more reviews of older albums from the 60s – 90s but I will sprinkle in some albums of my time too.

Even though Currents by Tame Impala was released in 2015, it still wins the people’s hearts now with it’s distinguishable, unique sounds. With over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, the Australian psychedelic band, just keeps growing bigger and bigger, creating more music that is influenced by some 60s subcultures. I hope Tame Impala will becomes one of those bands, that future generations will be jealous of us because we actually grew up listening to their songs.

The Currents album was made to be listened to at gatherings, festivals and raves. It was created for people feel like they have altered their state of conciousness, sober. The band even achieves this through the optical illusions on the album cover.

They explore the theme of change and future in their song titled “Yes I’m changing”. The band describe change as a undeniable, yet positive thing. The lyrics “There’s a world out there and it’s calling my name” is one of the phrases that really got to me, because it relates so much to everyone growing up. The song comes to peace with the fact that we have to leave a lot behind us and practically start from scratch, and trying to survive on our own.

Their fifth song of the album is “Eventually”. A song that hopes for happiness and longs for the future. The supposedly happy lyrics have a really deeper, more depressing meaning, which simply suggest that we don’t know when we are going to be happy, if ever. All we can do is hope and wait. The melodies of the song are somewhat contrasting to the lyrics because they feel more upbeat, which suggest that they are more positive about the future, and have high hopes.

If you never heard “The Less I Know The Better”, what are you doing? In my personal opinion it is such a good song that just makes you instinctively close our eyes and sway. You can lose yourself to this song and forget all your troubles. The song itself, glamorises ignorance?  It makes you think whether it is better to not know some things.




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