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One question that haunts me as a photographer is, “how do I capture the beautiful moments of my life? How can I document the place, the people and the feeling that creates a perfect moment?”

It’s easy to take a photo – we do it all the time, it only requires one click on our phones, and we instantly have the option of sharing it with the rest of the world. But how do we take the perfect photo? The one that makes people feel something, and is that even possible?

According to Jabez Hughes, there are three types of photography that exists:

mechanical – a simple representation,
art photography – where the photographer determines to diffuse his mind into objects that he takes a photo of,
and the high-art photography – photographs with a purpose of stimulating the person who is looking at it.

There is a big gap between the photos I currently take, and the photos I want to be taking, so this post if a sort of reminder to me as well as other artists out there to never stop expanding, growing and learning – especially within your ‘field’. How can we make out photos more meaningful in an age of “easy photography”?

This was meant to be the end of the post, but once I’ve re-read it I realised that I have only thrown questions at you, and gave no answers, or at least my thoughts, and that’s because I don’t have many. I’m still learning every day, I still subconsciously compare myself to other photographers, even though I know that there is no “correct” way of taking photos, (or creating any type of art, really).

I thought about it, and how I would answer this question “How to capture feelings?” and overall the perfect moment. Let’s take an example, it’s summer and you are out during a beautiful sunset with friends, looking out on your city/the ocean/ nature, you have a moment of realisation filled with mindfulness where you actually acknowledge and feel grateful for your friends, the town you live in and you life at that current moment. Instead of reaching out for your camera and simply taking a photo of the sky, look around again. Take photos of your friends instead and make sure to capture the sunset in the background. Take a photo of where you’re sitting, the blanket, the food you are eating.

This can apply to so many situations, another example is travelling. How many times do you find yourself taking photos of the buildings and the typically touristy places, that were already photographed by thousands of other people before you. Instead, look at the people and abstract compositions of colour and architecture. Look for moments that will never repeat themselves. This is a primary reason why photographers always rush to crime scenes, protests and sometimes even war, to simply to capture what others are afraid to because they know that it will be unique and that only they can capture it.

I personally don’t carry a camera every day because I have a heavy digital canon, therefore I feel like sometimes I lose the raw moments in my everyday. I only carry my camera when I’m going out for the sole intention of taking photos, therefore I feel like I miss a lot of opportunities to capture the real moments of my every day life, so I would also recommend carrying a camera, whether it’s digital, film or even your phone, everywhere you go (I will try getting better at this as well!) this way you won’t have to force a perfect moment, you will be able to capture it when it will naturally occur.


  1. You raise such good points! I’m going away, tomorrow actually, and i’m having to remind myself to stay away from mindlessly snapping photos of everything, rather than capturing moments. Great post!

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  2. I LOVE longer posts like these, keep them coming! I think this is something all artists struggle with – writers, painters, dancers, singers … in an age of digital media, ‘art’ is easy to create and share. And so the true essence of art, what sets aside different qualities of art, is the moments captured within. You wrote this beautifully, I loved it xo
    Abby –

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  4. adventuringirl says

    Loved this little discussion on photography! I also nominated you for the Liebster Award, which you can check out in my most recent post. xx

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