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48 Hours in Edinburgh – Part 2

Welcome to the second post about Edinburgh, I hope you enjoyed the previous one.

We were much more lucky with the weather during out second day there. After falling asleep to the sound of rain we woke up to a clear sky and sunshine. Since the weather was so perfect that day was nothing stopping us, so we planned so many things and places to see that we didn’t get to visit the previous day. Needless to say, we over estimated our energy levels and the amount of hours in a day. My mum and I walked around from one end of the city to the other, stopping at places like Royal Yacht Britannia, Botanic Gardens and the National Museum.


I must admit all of the views I saw that day were spectacular, but what overwhelmed me the most (in the best possible way) was the museum; it gave off some sort of heaven-like atmosphere, because it was such a grand building and the inside was painted white… it was just beautiful.



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