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Throughout the month of August I met a lot of new people, and definitely got out of my comfort zone a lot but I was very quickly rewarded for it. It all started in my photography class. We were assigned to photograph people on while background like Marcus Lyon and Richard Avedon. I was walking around the local area of my school and asking strangers if I can take photos of them and hear their story. That was the best “lesson” I ever had. I wanted to continue this outside of school, so I grabbed my friends and headed to Shoreditch (as per usual) in order to capture people’s amazing styles and personalities. (I will not include all of the photos that I took because of confidentiality, but I hope you enjoy the ones that I did.) I also tried different styles of editing in order to reflect the vibe I got from the person.



Just as I thought I was done with this project I was walking down a street and stumbled across Ishmael – an extraordinary human that I used to see every day when I went to my old school. That day I took a different route to the one I would normally take and I saw him, one thing led to another and suddenly we were talking about his artwork, life and coincidence. I had nowhere to be so I stayed there for probably half an hour simply talking to this intriguing stranger.

When asked me what I do, I automatically said I’m a photography student. He got so excited and asked me to take photos of him and his work. One thing I’ve learned that day was – talk to strangers! Don’t assume there’s danger at every corner, because people have so much good in them, and you never know what amazing lessons you can learn from them.



    • I know right! He stands out through his fashion and it’s amazing. Yes he is an artist, builder and architect in one haha! You can see one of his recent projects in the second picture

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