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The first day in Nice was like a transportation to another dimension. It’s amazing what happens when for one second you take yourself out of your reality and disconnect from things, people and places you’re used to. Great adventures wait for you to get over your fear. Someone once told me that everything worth experiencing is found outside of your comfort zone, and as you grow up your comfort zone grows with you. It gets bigger and bigger every time you do something new and it is important to never stop trying to expand that circle.

This summer I have realised that I am destined to live at a beach one day. I travelled to Cornwall and the South of France and never felt so connected, rooted and at peace than at a beach. It feels like It has been created just for me to see.


Even though I only spent a few short days exploring the south of France I loved every second of it and felt incredibly grateful to be there. I remember reading a blog post about Nice 2 years ago and wanting to go ever since. I have tried organising a trip last year but it unfortunately didn’t work out, so getting to go there this year was an experience I will never forget. I loved getting lost in the Old Town’s narrow streets, buying ice cream and hearing the people around me talk in French.



  1. Ohh wow nice looks beyond beautiful!! I loved seeing all the photos, especially the ones of the beach – makes me convinced that I am destined to live by the ocean as well 🙂 Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip x

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  2. I love the idea of pushing your limits and growing until you reach the point of having no limits. I definitely feel like I do that every time I travel – every time I have to deal with someone not speaking English, every time I have to try something physically or mentally challenging.

    I’ve only been to Nice once and it was during the spring. We stopped by on our way to Marseilles, so I don’t think I really got a good feel for it. No matter where you go in France, though, the country is absolutely lovely. The people, the food, the atmosphere… Maybe one day I’ll get to live there. Then again, the French language is a bit difficult. 🙂 I guess that’s one more limit I should work through.

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    • That’s the main reason why I love travelling so much! I love going to new places and seeing all the sights but I feel travelling is more about actually experiencing new things and letting your mind wonder a bit, to get in touch with what you lost. I would also love to live in France but my language skills are unfortunately not that great even though I studied it for 3 years… maybe one day! But I definitely know I’m going to go back. Thank you for your lovely comment Mandy! Much love x


  3. Great pictures, as usual! Nice is my favorite city in France (and maybe in the whole world, who knows), I used to spend my summers there when I was a child, and I still try to go there as often as I can, so this place means so much to me!

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    • You’re so lucky that you spent so much time there! it’s an absolutely beautiful place and I wish I could’ve stayed there longer! Definitely going back there one day 😁💙

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  4. pinarrawlins says

    Wow! What beautiful photos! I have only been to Paris but would love to see more of France. Looking forward too seeing more travel photos from you xo

    Pinar |

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    • Paris is also stunning I want to go back there! I’ve been there when I was really young so hopefully I can go again and take more photos soon! 💕


    • I can only recommend going to the beach (obviously) Promenade des Anglais and going to the Castle Hill because you get an amazing view from there! Honestly, just walking around with no destination around the Old Town will be an adventure! 🙂

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