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So I don’t know if you know this about me, but one of my passions, aside of photography and music, is film; I’m currently studying it and I’m always watching film and creative videos. In this post I want to share with you some of my favourite short films, and by “favourite” I mean, THE BEST SHORT FILMS TO EXIST EVER. All of these are about very different topics and have a unique style depending on their director.


Let It Be is one of my favourite short films, if not my number one favourite, because of it’s creative storyline and attention to detail. I’m in love with the way Bertie Gilbert structures his short films and especially this one. This amazing story opens opens up with two young people meeting a girl who is about to kill a dog… it later turns out that girl is Death taking on a human form.



This short film is also by Bertie Gilbert (honestly one of my favourite youtube/independent directors out there). The story takes place in London and is about a supposedly 56 year old who stopped ageing at 16. The first time I saw this film I was blown away by the creativity in it and it inspired me so much and got me thinking about film and cinematography as something I would want to experiment and learn about.


This is such a cute and simple film but it’s made in such an unique way. It’s such a raw and real representation of love and heartbreak. In a way I’m  This short film has hardly any dialogue and tells its whole story visually in such an amazing way!


This short narrated film is made by the lovely Kat Napiorkowska (she’s also from Poland, so she’s getting bonus points from me!) This short film explores and explain social anxiety. It was so interesting to watch because of the way she talked about it… I like that she acknowledged as the person having the mental disorder that some of her thoughts are irrational but she still didn’t have any control over them. Other than that, the cinematography in her videos is incredible! Reminds me a bit of Wes Anderson! All of the shots are so symmetrically framed, and all of the colours go so well together. Kat has so many more of short films about other mental health issues like depression, OCD and anxiety and so much more on her youtube channel and I highly recommend checking them out!


I’ve decided to include this short film by Mikey Murphy because I was so impressed that he created it in 48 hours! There’s actually a vlog up of him doing it as well and I just can’t comprehend how you can make something so good in such a small period of time. I’m a bit biased towards this short film simply because I adore Mikey’s work. The acting and story line were so good in this film!



  1. When I was finishing school I actually wanted to study film, sadly I can’t afford film school but that doesn’t stop me from doing it! I guess we’re very lucky to have a platform like YouTube where you can upload videos, FOR FREE! I mean we think it’s normal, but to be honest it’s not that normal.

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    • Well today’s time you don’t necessarily need a film degree to make a film so don’t let that hold you back in any way! You’re already creating amazing videos so keep going if you love it! ❤

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  2. Absolutely love the colour co-ordination of #4 – is Wes Anderson the one known for his really symmetrical and coloured locations and sets? I’m not good with names, but I can INSTANTLY spot his work. I have to bookmark this for later (eugh, work) because these look briliant! One film that I really admired the sets and the shots of was actually John Wick….very visually striking. Great post xx

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    • Yup Wes Anderson created amazing films like Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom 🙂 I absolutely love his colour palettes! His techniques are definitely one of a kind but you can see them a bit in that short film! I’m going to check out John Wick as soon as I can. I’ve never actually watched it before!

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  3. Hey!! I’ve just discovered your blog but I’m already so in love with it!! I am so tempted to read all your posts in one sitting! haha
    I don’t know a lot about cinematography and film making but I really want to learn more about it and create a short film! I love Bertie’s work, he’s such a big inspiration for me!! “Me and you” is such a beautiful and original film! Thank you for sharing all of these artworks, it was so inspiring and interesting!!

    Cadmium red (M)


    P.S : Thank you so much for the comment on my blog! 😀

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  4. Haha thank you for you lovely comment! You definitely won’t binge reading my blog *flicks hair* 😀 No but seriously.. I’m glad you enjoy Bertie’s work as much as I do hoping to creating something as magical as his work one day.


  5. It’s so lovely to see someone celebrating Bertie Gilbert! His work is absolutely incredible. Let It Be is such a beautiful piece of art. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen his work that’s about his sister, but it’s absolutely incredible- brought me to tears. I love the selection you’ve got here x

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