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After posting these pictures I will have to officially have to say goodbye to summer – and I really don’t want to do that 😦 However in this post, I’m finally sharing my photos from Monaco and Cannes. When I went on my trip to Nice, with my mum, we also took two days out of our stay in Nice and went to explore Monaco and Cannes. It was such a good decision!


Monaco was an interesting and exciting experience. For the whole day there I was wondering how is it possible that so much wealth is stored in such a small place! I saw a 3 floor yacht with a helicopter parked at the top… like, really?! It was honestly the highlight of the day! My mum and I couldn’t stop laughing about it. In other news – I loved the architecture there, the tall buildings kind of resembled Hong Kong… I don’t know why but Monaco didn’t feel like it was in Europe.


After a lot of walking and climbing we arrived at the top of a huge steep hill and found an Ocean Museum and without hesitating bought two tickets. I have a huge obsession with the ocean and learning about it’s mysteries so this was so much fun for me.



The next day, we wanted to go to Cannes, so we took an hour and a half bus journey there, but it was so worth it! We walked around the town for a bit, saw Casinos and the Film Festival Theatre, which was kind of surreal. We didn’t walk around for long, purely because we were still so tired from walking a lot during the previous two days, so we just enjoyed the beach for a couple of hours and it was amazing. The beach in Cannes was sandy not rocky like in Nice so it was definitely more comfortable. I wish I’ve spent a whole summer there not just a few days; reading and tanning at a beach is one of my favourite things to do in the summer! Since I was relaxing for the whole day I don’t have a lot of photos… Sorry! But here’s what I do have:



    • Ahh thank you 💕 I know the colour is what intrigued me. I originally wanted to take a portrait of him but the nerves took over 😅


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