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I never done this post before, but it had to be done. I try to make my blog all about inspiration and creativity, and this amazing girl that I’m interviewing in this post has inspired me with her “just do it” attitude, relentlessness and constant empowerment that she puts into the world for a long time.

Meet Nicole….


How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Student of life.


What made you set up a blog and what does “Unruly Girls” mean to you?

Blogging was my first love. Before photography, before arts and design, I fell in love with it first. Telling stories with the hopes of inspiring has always been my passion. It allows me to create, share more of myself, and build relationships with other people out of my arms’ reach.

Unruly Girls are carefree, confident, brave, and raw. They are empowered to go beyond this unspoken expectation of girls to behave a certain way that confines us inside boxes of stereotypes and prevents us from reaching our full potential. Unruly Girls are are not afraid to be, to feel.


Where do you get your motivation and inspiration from?

My online world! People have always reprimanded us young people of being on our gadgets too much instead of connecting but really, the online world has given me more than my physical realms ever could. From inspiring blogs, youtube channels and social media to facebook groups of like minded people, I find more meaning. I find where I belong.


What is your biggest fear?

Being a slave to the society, I guess. That’s what I always say when I get asked this question. It’s something that makes me weak to my knees when I think about it. Luckily, I have dreams and visions that are so much bigger than those fears could ever be. I make sure that every decision I make is from a place of love and hope, not fear dressed up as “practicality.”


What do you want to get out of your life?

My main goal right now is to just be happy… No matter how selfish that may sound, I think it’s the most giving thing I could ever do. Because when I am happy, my joy extends to everyone and everything around me. I am able to share it with others and create things that inspires and motivates. When I am happy, I give. I am kind and gentle. When I am happy, I reflect the woman I want to become, and she isn’t selfish at all.


What do you do in moments of doubt?

I don’t say it that much, but Im a very Godly person. I pray. I also like to meditate to get some head space because sometimes it’s just the overwhelm. If I can, I run to this place by the bay for sunset and just write in my journal while watching people. If not, I call my mom, not necessarily to vent to her, but nothing calms me down like hearing her voice does. Not to mention she has the funniest stories!


Who do you look up to?

Earlier this year, I published a blog post where I shared some people that really inspires me. That list only gets longer as I continue to stumble along the paths of people I learn from.

There are so many women that just, hands down, makes me want to go out there and get stuff done! Youtubers such as Erin Henry, MuchelleB, Kalyn Nicholson, Hitomi Mochizuki, Claudia Sulewski, Jenn Im, Stella Rae, Amy Lee, Cartia Mallan.. the list goes on! These girls are just inspiring and that’s not because of their body, style, wealth or anything. I love their mindset, passion and outlook on life.

Jim Carrey is also one of the people that amazes me. His wit goes beyond his humor and we have the same values when it comes to asking the universe for what you want and manifesting your dreams.


What does success mean to you?

Here’s something from my journal from a few months back:

“Success is a life not lived within four walls. Where I utilize my time and not the other way around. Having the courage to get better because Im not only doing it for myself, where I’ve learnt to dream for others as well. Success is having the privilege of making my own choices. It is being comfortable in my own solitude and enjoying my own company. It is being tired and wanting more. It is my restless body and satisfied soul. It is my heart that stays hungry, that retains its childlike disposition and wonder. It is celebrating my little accomplishments without being threatened by others’ big ones. It is thinking about the future with excitement instead of fear. It is learning everyday how to be bigger than the voice trying to tell me I cant. It is saying “I can and I will.”

Success is a life where I wake up everyday excited. Where I’m proud of what I’m creating and who I’m creating with. A life without boundaries. I will make a playground, a runway, and a classroom out of the world and I will be at home anywhere in the world, just as the fish is in the ocean. A life with frustrations and fears, but the passion and drive that’s much bigger than them.”

Tell me a little bit about the video you posted at the beginning of the year – “I’m naked” – What caused you to create that? Why do you think it’s important to be vulnerable on the internet?

That video is still one of the things I’m most proud of. It was a product of crying for hours from feelings of inadequacy and frustration with myself. There was no storyboard or script. It’s as raw as it is. Just me in my underwear, journalling in the dark with just the my candle for light.

I guess it was my way of confronting my fears but it’s ironic how it felt like a reconciliation with myself at the same time, you know? Because I didn’t care about anything in that moment, it was just me and my honest art, the rest of the world irrelevant.

I think allowing yourself to be vulnerable online is essential because nowadays, most things are curated to perfection, especially on social media. With my platform, it has always been my rule to be honest first before trying to be relatable. I know that in my honesty, people will relate. And as much as it is scary to put myself out there, to tell the world “hey, this is what I want! I’m coming after it” or “hey this is how I feel!” it can also be so liberating. To allow yourself to be human in front of millions of strangers is bravery on its own and when you do that, you allow others to do so as well.









    • I’m so so happy you liked this! This was something new for me but I really wanted to do this this interview because Nicole is so inspiring ❤


  1. You have a very polished, stylish blog here, with interesting content. The interview is well done – and now I will go take a look around!
    – thank you for the follow, I appreciate it!

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