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‘Lady bird’ is a love letter in the form of a film. It’s about the love for the city of Sacramento, family and friends from a lost, struggling soul – Christine “Lady Bird”.

Lady bird left me feeling like I’ve just watched a film that somehow managed to capture all of my feelings about growing up; like it somehow showed snippets of my life even though it took place on the other side of the world, with completely different people. Even the way the movie was filmed and the way the story drifted felt like my life…

I watched this movie twice already, and will probably watch it more in the future, but it was the first time I’ve watched a film in an independent cinema, and it made the whole experience even more memorable. Going to an independent cinema doesn’t even compare to going to grand, popular and very futuristic-looking multiplexes. It adds so much to the experience, because when I walked into the building, I could feel the history of the place. It didn’t look or feel like the overcrowded cinemas I went to so far; it had photographs of famous old directors and actors on the walls, sixties interior and friendlier employers – it even had a bar!

When I walked into the screening room I was surprised to see people of all ages waiting for the film to come on. When you first think of ‘Lady Bird’, you think of it as a “coming of age movie”, or just another high school film, when in actuality – it’s something much more than that (at least in my opinion)! I think this film is definitely for every one because it touches on subjects and hardships that everyone can relate to. Even though the protagonist of the film is a teenage girl, we also see situations from the point of view of the older generation – the parents, and we are able to sympathies with them all. Greta Gerwig was able to capture human common denominator; the essence of soul searching and discovering yourself, which made this film genderless.


The protagonist is easily relatable to for everyone because she feels lost and unsatisfied, during a time in which she is experiencing the worst and best moments of her life. We see her struggling through her last year of high school and constantly dreaming of a better life. She is constantly running after something she doesn’t have, just like everyone else. We all persuade ourselves that life is better somewhere else and we fantasize about running away from our reality to the other side of the country or even the world (I should know… My biggest dream is to go to New York, which is also another reason why I loved the film so much; Lady Bird’s dream is to get into a collage in the East Coast).

I think the film teaches us that we can’t run away from our problems. That life is stored in the most important and sacred relationships we form with the people around us – our parents, friends, teachers etc. It’s not about money or status, which Lady Bird also fantasizes about, but about keeping our actions and relationships pure, and trying to find ourselves in this big world.


  1. I want to watch Ladybird so badly because I feel like it’ll just capture everything I am, I already know I’ll be able to relate to it so much. This was a great review – I’m so excited to see it! X

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