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Troye Sivan came out with a new album – “Bloom”, and it’s breathtaking!

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The album includes songs that were previously released as singles, such as: My! My! My!, The Good Side and Dance To This feat. Ariana Grande. Troye stuck to his individual style and created magic, you can definitely tell that he’s consistently working on bettering his art and not losing himself in the process. All of the songs have meaningful lyrics, supposedly inspired by his own life, and that’s what makes them so beautiful.

Bloom… The only song that has its own music video (for now) and the song that gave the whole album its name. We have already included Bloom in our May Inspiration post and here’s what we said – “(through) Bloom we can finally experience him in his truest, authentic and unapologetic essence, as all of the stereotypical expectations and barriers are erased.” This is still true; the music video to this song completely breaks down every single stereotype people have consciously or unconsciously labelled Sivan by. “Bloom– the album – is a continuity of Troye Sivan’s authentic expression of self and individuality, and we love it!

The artist opens up the album with the song “Seventeen” which has incredible, yet subtle, instrumentals that really make the song what it is. It is the perfect song that sets the mood for the rest of the album, because it makes you want to just close your eyes and sway in order to feel the song even more. This is definitely an important song for Troye because the lyrics discuss very important, yet dark subjects. This only appeared to me after a few listens. This song definitely has more sinister lyrics than all the other songs on the album.

A song that touched my heart the most was What A Heavenly Way To Die… I mean, the title says it all! Never knew a song could be so heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. It leaves such a bittersweet feeling after you listen to it, because it’s explores the ultimate end of love and life, it is a poignant reminder of the passing of time, but still manages to make that ending peaceful.

The last track on this album is Animal – a song that might just leave you in tears… I find the production, of this particular, is incredible! It is rare that I actually enjoy such a slow song (especially when it comes from a pop singer) but there’s just so much emotion in this particular song that is built up through the increasing loudness. This tune speaks not only through the lyrics but also from the melancholic, electronic melody – which I fell in love with.


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