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Josh Kern is the first photographer to be featured on kapture. As this site starts to grow, it expands into new territory and hopes to inspire by sharing art of many other artists. Kern is a German emerging photographer who not only creates art but manages to capture feeling in his work by shooting in film, he adds rawness to his work. His work is unique because he picks up the camera when everyone puts theirs away; during the moments when you’re too busy actually being alive than capturing the moment for social media. And through pairing his work with journal entries, Kern adds even more rawness to his work. His work teaches us to do what makes you uncomfortable, because that’s when we produce the best art. Find Josh here: website, instagram


Today, my post is a little different to the usual; I have decided to explore my interest in poetry and writing (this might become a series… might). I have combined a few pieces that were lost between the pages of my journal, just rambles of thoughts that some people may call poetry. I paired my work with some submissions I’ve received, so be prepared for deep, thoughtful writing. Enjoy – and if you have any pieces you would like me to include in the next post, feel free to email me! Thank you to these lovely ladies for the submissions! a.p, miah, nicole, nahndi