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1.     What did you feel when you were at the demonstrations? I think I should start by saying that I was not actually planning on going to the demonstration. I guess I was not really sure if I wanted to be somewhere with so many people. So instead, my friends and I went to the Portrait Gallery before the demonstration had started. However, when we went outside and everything had already began, I immediately took my camera out. I was captivated by how the resistance against Trump’s ideas was being shown in such a hopeful way. Although Trafalgar Square was as crowded as I had ever seen it, it definitely felt familiar and safe. 2.     How do you think the demonstration affected the people that were there? I would say it was more optimistic and hopeful than negative. However, I did see some banners that showed anger and sadness. I think those reminded everyone that although we may sometimes end up just making jokes and funny signs about Trump, we should not forget the damage he has …


My first blog was going to be about my trip to Brighton, but then this morning happened and I had to take some photos for my photography class this week,  so I grabbed my camera and a penny board and rushed off at 10 a.m. with no destination. As soon as I left my house I realised I can’t see anything passed, maybe 15-20 meters. The fog covered the landscape and the gloomy weather, orange leafs and the birds singing in the background made this morning the most beautiful morning of my life. As I walked around my nearest park listening to Ed Sheeran (yes I know, how cheesy and cliche, but trust me those songs made everything more beautiful), my shoes completely soaked though but I think the photos were worth it!